What it means to support FAM

We thank you…

The Board of Directors for the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery (FAM) thanks you for your support and engagement!

With your help, we can cultivate equitable and abundant connections between midwives and families… Resulting in the thriving outcomes of empowered midwifery in every community.

Our Commitment…

We are committed to placing FAM resources with people and organizations that are doing and living the work of uplifting midwifery. This is an essential component of reproductive health, justice and global sustainability. Read more about FAM’s mission here

Our volunteer coalition of advocates is devoted to that mission, as parents, students of birth, health professionals, doulas, researchers, reproductive justice activists, organizers, and midwives.

Learn about the current Board of Directors here, or read about the projects and events FAM has sponsored in the past.

Your Donations…

The Foundation utilizes all current funding at the discretion of the Board, by democratic process. This allows FAM to sponsor and strategize, responsively and responsibly, to the needs of this work. No single donation gives any donor or affiliate unique powers or access to its utilization. As a new Board, we have taken some time this year to internally assess, audit and legally review the state of current funds so that we can serve in integrity all who are counting on our and your advocacy. 

Want to engage more directly as a donor? The Birth Trust gives supporters a vote on grant projects alongside other committed midwifery advocates. Become a Birth Trustee here before our next round of grant-giving!

As we prepare for another season of fundraising and plant seeds for a 2023 of connection and action, we thank you for your time and continued support of midwifery for all people.