‘A Cultural Explosion of Diverse Doulas’ – FAM Sponsors 1st Annual SMC Doula Conference

September 16 – 17th, 2022

Foundational doula trainer and midwife Shafia Monroe hosted the 1st Annual SMC Doula Conference in Portland, Oregon this September. The Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery was proud to sponsor this educational and collaborative gathering of new and practicing doulas all over the United States – we were also thrilled to celebrate the awarding of the event’s Outstanding Doula Leadership to FAM’s very own President Samsarah Morgan, grand doula, student midwife, and advocate for deep birth care in community. We thank President Morgan for her enduring commitment to the role of the midwife, in her work today, and in her honoring of all the ways, past and future, that midwifery and doula care sustain as an irreplaceable truth and need of our common shared human story.

Samsarah Morgan receives the Outstanding Doula Leadership Award before her keynote dinner address at the 1st Annual SMC Doula Conference in Portland, OR.

FAM President and Awardee Samsarah Morgan with SMC Doula Conference host Shafia Monroe and doula and student midwife Priscilla Enninful.