#GivingTuesday2022 – Nurture the Soil with FAM Board Member Peter Kofi Bullock

This year, the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery has coined the metaphor “Nurturing The Soil of Midwifery” to encapsulate our vision for supporting and uplifting the advancement of midwifery.

smiling man with dark beard and bald head wearing a blue shirt against a bright blue background, overlaid over image of concentric hands holding soil and plants, with text "Meet FAM, Nurturing the Soil of Midwifery"

Envisioning a towering tree that has grown to great heights, we must acknowledge that the tree is only standing because of the #strength of its #roots. We rarely see the roots, as they are usually hidden deep within the soil. I think of the early midwives, like my great aunt, Lena Gainor Bullock, who paved the way for our midwives today. They need #acknowledgment, for they are the roots that run deep to keep the tree of midwifery standing steady. When I think of the soil that surrounds a tree, I understand the nutrition of the tree only comes from the soil in which it has grown. As a certified birth and postpartum doula, I nurture the soil of midwifery by #honoring the role of a midwife and regularly reflecting on their #legacy.
~ Peter “Kofi” Bullock, FAM Board of Directors