Project: Mapping Access to High Quality Birth Care across Birth Settings

Home Birth Summit Research and Data Task Force

The U.S, Birth Place Mapping Study is the first large scale study to describe the status of integration of midwives (CNMs, CPMs, CMs) in each state. Using this information, we will produce a Midwifery Integration and Access Report Card. An easily understood graphic representation of the data, using color-coded U.S. maps. We will highlight “model states” (i.e., those with the highest rates of effective integration of midwives across birth settings) and link the integration scores to outcomes. This study presents an unprecedented opportunity to help policy makers understand if reduced cesareans, improved maternal newborn health and rising rates of home births can be linked to greater access to licensed midwives. Last year’s grant helped us to collect and verify the data from all 50 states. In 2016 a FAM grant will support the team to turn the results into data maps, and tell the story across the nation!

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