Project: Expanding Access to Midwifery School Accreditation through Peer-to-Peer Institutional Mentoring

Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC)

There are simply not enough accredited midwifery schools and programs to meet the current and projected trajectory of workforce demands.  Among numerous systemic barriers and potential solutions identified in previous FAM-supported MEAC research, a real need for technical assistance and peer to peer institutional mentoring for midwifery bodies pursuing accreditation was identified as a key priority.  With continued FAM support, MEAC and AME will provide a virtual mentoring network that will contribute both to student opportunities for high-quality midwifery education, and will expand consumer access to midwives who utilize best practices in the provision of maternal care and out-of-hospital birthing services to diverse populations. Since institutional accreditation enables midwifery schools to participate in Title IV financial aid programs which can significantly increase the number and diversity of midwifery students and their entry into the profession, providing a mentoring service that encourages more schools to seek accreditation will help meet the need to rapidly increase the number and cultural diversity of midwives, while maintaining the highest quality of education.