Thank You for Making Our 2017 MANA Auction a Success!

Thank you to all the individuals and companies who made our Annual Silent Auction a success at the 2017 MANA Conference in Long Beach, California. And thank you to all the conference attendees who generously bid on items for the benefit of FAM. We look forward to seeing you in Portland, Maine in October 2018!

Alex’s Ugly Sauce
Andaluz Water Birth Center
Benefit Cosmetics
The Birth Bag Inc
Connecticut Childbirth Center
Evidence-Based Birth
The Farm
Full Spectrum Doula Circles
Kitzinger Family
Roots Wellness & Fitness
Why Not Home

Katie Atkinson
Maggie Bennet
Kathleen Buckley
Holly Coley
Sharon Economides
Ilka Fanning
Sheila Fleming
Laurie Foster
Amanda Geavette
Eliana Gilad
Staci Hall
Vicki Hedley
Valeree Hemighass
Justine Hinderliter
Maria Iorillo
Lizzie Kitue

Heidi Livingston
Ian Meilinger
Tia Meilinger
Ginny Miller
Priya Morganstern
Nile Nash
Judy Norsigian
Lauren O’Neil
Jane Pincus
Jo-Anna Rorie
Saveida Sethi
Geradine Simkins
Sarah Tarver-Wahlquist
Christian Toscano
Naomi Watrous
Y&I Clothing
Erin Zaffis

Danielle Zinaich Strahl

Mana Dora group