Project: Support of Operations of MANA Statistics Project (MANA Stats)

Midwives Alliance of North America, Division of Research (MANA DOR)

These funds will be used to keep the MANA Stats web system online, well maintained, and securely available for use by all United States midwives collecting at present about 1500 completed research ready birth records each month. Funding will continue to cover the ongoing operations of MANA Stats data collection, including contributor support, new enrollments, preparation of the 2015 data for research work with state organizations, web hosting, etc.  However, this year one issue of critical importance, which is that of finding a new programmer to take over from our beloved Ellen and Eric Harris Braun, because Ellen’s health prevents their continuing to do the maintenance and enhancements of the excellent web software they have created for MANA since 2004. Several opportunities for prospective research studies and collaborations have been on hold for some time and this year we must integrate a new programmer into our team.