Project: Data Doula Coordinator of MANA Stats

Applicant Organization: Midwives Alliance of North America, Division of Research

These funds would be used to hire, for a period of one year, a Data Doula Coordinator. The role of Data Doulas is to provide proactive support to midwives who enroll in the MANA Statistics Project (MANA Stats) and encourage the midwives to follow through on their commitment to keep up to date on their data entry. The Data Doula Coordinator would train and oversee their work, provide instructions and other materials, and report to Division of Research Coordinating Council members, Jen Brown and Bruce Ackerman. Adding this position would increase the success and sustainability of MANA Stats data collection, especially in under-represented areas of the national midwifery community, and enable the MANA Division of Research to take advantage of mutually beneficial collaborations with state organizations.