Elections and Annual Retreat

FAM held our annual Spring Retreat earlier this year, during which the FAM Board re-elected Emily Anesta as Board President. FAM is also thrilled to announce that Tanya Smith-Johnson is our new [...]

Birthing People Foundation

Birthing People Foundation empowers women of color/people of color by providing free and low cost training, education and certification pertaining to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Including [...]

National Black Midwives Alliance

National Black Midwives Alliance trains and organizes midwives to serve as advocates to address disparities in maternal health care that impact black birthing people. NBMA’s central goal is to [...]

Equity in Midwifery Education

Equity in Midwifery Education provides resources with a focus on disparities, social justice and preventing trauma in the midwifery profession. An equity focus means that Power and Privilege are [...]

Birth from the Earth

Birth from The Earth, Inc. is a non-profit organization, steeped in education & empowerment. Birth from the Earth’s mission is: “To activate and engage through education, [...]

Project: Where’s My Midwife?

On April 8, 2020, the Big Push for Midwives Campaign launched the Where’s My Midwife? community mapping tool to help connect midwives trained in out-of-hospital birth with people whose [...]

Project: Defense of Midwives

FAM is proud to announce the initial funding for a new Elephant Circle initiative: Defense of Midwives. This project will increase capacity among underrepresented attorneys to bring cases for [...]

Project: Indigenous Midwifery Fund

In response to what Indigenous families need right now, Indigenous Women Rising is launching and piloting a donation based midwifery fund. The fund will focus on: Supporting access to home births [...]

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