2020 Grant Announcements & Letter from FAM Executive Director Tamara Wrenn: Birthing Resilience

Letter from FAM Executive Director Tamara Wrenn

Birthing Resilience

As a result of the pandemic and the ongoing racial injustice, our nation has been hit with unprecedented challenges. For those who suffer at the hands of injustice, poverty, and racism on a daily basis it was just another series of unfortunate events. Like many, the FAM leadership team watched as things went from bad to worse…then we called on the strength that embodies midwifery and chose this opportunity to build upon the spirit of resilience.

Resilience begins as an act of self-awareness, taking a moment to go deep within, in order to rise from the ashes.  The Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery has served the midwifery and birth community for more than 20 years. This statement alone demonstrates resilience.  Resilience is also choosing to embrace, embed and operationalize equity, racial justice, movement building and midwifery so that you do not have to make a 180 degree turn because you are already invested in doing the work…that is who we are at FAM. Resilience for our leadership team has included making bold grant-making decisions this year because that is the work that needed to happen.

We are proud to support the following 2020 FAM grantees who serve communities that demonstrate resilience everyday:

COVID-19 Birth Worker Relief Fund, Birth Center Equity Fund, Indigenous Midwifery Fund, Defense of Midwives, Where’s My Midwife?, Birth from the Earth, Equity in Midwifery Education, National Black Midwives Alliance, and Birthing People Foundation.

2020 Initiatives Funded

  • Health Equity $30,000

  • Advocacy $5,000

  • Public Education $6,000

  • Community Movement Builder $14,200

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You can find information about FAM’s grant making principles here.