Project: Black Midwife Mentor Program

Applicant Organization: National Black Midwives Alliance. Miami, FL The Black Midwife Mentor program works to pair black midwifery students and preceptors together in order to establish pivotal [...]

Project: Web-based Equity Resource

Applicant Organization: Equity in Midwifery Education. Leavenworth, WA aims to amplify the voices and perspectives of midwives and aspiring midwives of color and serve as a [...]

Project: Birthworker Training for WOC/POC

Applicant Organization: Birthing People Foundation. Los Angeles, CA Birthing People Foundation addresses the alarming disparities in outcomes for birthing people of color and those from other [...]

Project: Birth from the Earth

Applicant Organization: Chocolate Milk Café, Yonkers, NY Chocolate Milk Café is designed to provide education, support, resources and a safe space in which to collectively gather on a regular [...]