Project: What affects experience and outcomes of transfer from home to hospital?

Applicant Organization: Midwives Alliance of North America, Division of Research

The Lancet series on midwifery confirms the positive effects of midwife-led care on the health of mothers and babies, even when care is transferred from the community to hospital. Yet, to-date, no research has fully explained why midwifery care matters so much. Is it something about the clients who choose midwives? Is it what we do during prenatal care? Is it how we manage labor? Is it how well midwives are integrated into the health care system?
The MANA Stats 3.0 dataset has enough detail on the process of midwifery care to answer many of these questions. Specifically, transfers from births at home or birthing centers to hospital show why integration of midwives matters. These are difficult events, and can have a deep impact on women, their families and all care providers involved. Our team will analyze and publish new information about 1) how transfers from home to hospital actually work in the U.S.; and 2) why better integration of midwives improves outcomes for mothers and babies who experience transfer from the community to a hospital.