Project: Launching the MANA Division of Access and Equity

Midwives Alliance of North America, Division of Access and Equity

MANA is thrilled to be launching the Access and Equity Division to address a two-fold problem of racial disparities and legislative struggles that MANA has identified to be the same issue – lack of access to the midwifery profession. MANA has embraced these issues as strategic directions. We have laid the groundwork for the last 5 years by actively engaging in partnerships and training, and we feel ready to fully launch the Division of Access and Equity. We have outlined an in-person meeting with key stakeholders to form the foundation and structure of this Division as well as prepare for the work of the division for the coming year. Indra Lusero, of Elephant Circle, MANA President Marinah Farrell, and MANA Director of Events are the key volunteers for this division as we get started.