UPDATE re: April 29th, 2023 Public Notice

To continue in transparency, this is an update on the meeting that the MANA board demanded on Saturday, April 29th, 2023.

We are grateful for public support this past week as we navigate this issue. 

During the meeting last Saturday, The MANA board did not want to discuss their ask for funds for the ICM conference. The agenda they set was around accounting issues and communication with past FAM boards that does not apply to the current board. 

Although we had offered another date, MANA proceeded with the meeting after giving only 24 hours notice of the date and time. Fortunately, FAM board member Jinny Pagle was able to drop everything and be at the Zoom meeting. The agenda for the meeting was sent one minute before the start of the meeting and members of the public were not allowed access. 

The MANA board did not want to discuss the $28,000 they had demanded for a trip to Bali. The focus of the meeting was on a lack of communication between the two boards during the past several years, which does not apply to the current FAM board. MANA also called into question two of our active board members who they have not yet voted in since meeting them in October 2022. 

MANA is again requesting another urgent meeting to discuss their request for $28,000 to attend this year’s ICM conference in Bali. 

The FAM board has invited the MANA board to meet with us on May 12 at 11AM PST, or to any of our regularly scheduled weekly meetings thereafter. The MANA board insists that this does not work for several of their members and that this date is too far in the future. 

As a reminder, the FAM board is an independent board. We are a non-profit with volunteer board members. The MANA membership is our sole member, and the MANA board approves new FAM board members, and can remove us. Other decisions are in FAM’s purview.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep the public informed. As a 501(c)(3), our fiduciary responsibility is to the FAM corporation, and the public.

FAM is committed to centering equity, racial justice, movement building, and midwifery. Please see our website for a description of our mission, vision, and values.